New Hours! New Drinks! New News!


Breaking free from the chains of opening at 5:00pm on the weekends, we are have tunneled our way into the sunlight. Joystick Gamebar is now open from noon – 2:30am on Saturdays and from noon – midnight on Sundays. To celebrate our new daytime freedom and the onset of springtime in Atlanta, we are releasing our Spring 2014 cocktail menu. This new drink menu is for the Edgewood animal confined in all of us. Check out the full menu below.

These new hours and drinks are also coinciding with the build-up to Illegal Food and Joystick's one year anniversary together. So we are doing something a bit unusual: letting someone else cook.

This Saturday April 19th from noon until 2:30am (Yes, AM.) Joystick Gamebar is hosting Doggy Dogg for a special pop-up.

Being eternally grateful for all the help we received when starting, Joystick is committed to helping other local small businesses when possible. We have previously hosted several successful pop-ups before offering up their kitchen as an incubator for Illegal Food last April. Over the past year, Illegal Food has been able to build up a great menu and a great following. And now the two companies want to give our customers a special treat.

Joystick and Illegal Food sought out Doggy Dogg for their shared belief that quality is important but pretension is not. Like Joystick is updating the classic arcade with a killer bar program in a casual setting and Illegal Food is making burgers their own, Doggy Dogg focuses on classing up the classic hot dog cart. They use locally sourced and locally prepared ingredients as well as their wickedly good taste buds and imagination for their dogs. Menu highlights include the Lil' Kim (small smoked pork dogg, vegan friendly kimchi and classic yellow mustard), the Italian Greyhound (small smoked pork dogg, basil pesto, poppy candy and fructose free ketchup), and Big Smokey (big smoked beef dogg, pimento cheese, pork belly bits and caramelized onion mustard). 


Spring 2014 Cocktail Menu

Caged Heat

Peruvian pisco supports the ripe flavors of papaya, pineapple, and habanero peppers in this spicy, fruity, tropical celebration of warmer weather.

Born Innocent

This apple brandy based sipper starts off sweet with hints of orange but slowly evolves into a complex flavor profile that highlights the more bitter notes of Cynar, an Italian artichoke amaro.

Chartreuse Is The New Black

This smooth, approachable cocktail is the love child of Jamaican rum and alpine Chartreuse. It is a daiquiri with a dark side.

The Dollhouse

One must always have a bit of a bite to them when joining the ladies for afternoon tea, and so too does this bergamot tea cocktail that gets its spike from brandy and two kinds of vermouth.

Cowboys and Indians

Having survived for over a year and a half on our cocktail list, this combination of house chai soda and WhipperSnapper whiskey is a thing of beauty.

Desperate Venture

Held over from our previous menu, this creamy, sweet twist on a classic milk punch was too refreshing to get rid of. With a rum base, it features Kysha Cyrus’s homemade almond milk and pineapple-fennel syrup.

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Doin’ a little Edgewood Swing…

We're stepping outside of our box Sunday March 16th…

DANCE PARTY! DJ black Sunshine is spinning the best of 90's R&B and Hip-Hop all night long.

But since it's uncomfortable outside of our box, we are bringing our safety blanket: charity for a local shelter. This time we want to aid the amazing work being done at Trinity House down on the block on Bell St.. We called upon Joystick staples Tecate and Four Roses to help us out. Every penny you spend on those two libations will go directly to Trinity House. Which means all you need to do is drink and dance and you can call yourself a humanitarian!

More info on the event:

More info on Trinity House:

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ParkAtlanta Night – Mon. Feb 10th


ParkAtlanta is a soulless, vile corporation that seems to encourage it's employees to be ruthless, underhanded, and devoid of empathy. If you've fallen victim to their foul practices then we think you deserve a drink.

Bring your ParkAtlanta ticket in this Monday, February 10th for a FREE SHOT plus 10% OFF your drinks.

And if you see a ParkAtlanta employee, be sure to encourage them to join us. We think it'd fun.

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Blue Tarp Draft Invasion!


Kysha is as excited as we are that BlueTarp Brewing Co. is taking over our taps tonight and tomorrow (February 4th & 5th). Come try four beers from this local Decatur brewery.

— BantamWeight Ale — 4.5% ABV — 21 IBUs — Full flavored session ale inspired by traditional Irish Red ales

— Last Place Stout — 11.3% ABV — 92 IBUs — Big hoppy bitterness and rich deep coffee notes fade into dark chocolate sweetness

— Hopsided IPA — 6.6% ABV — 75 IBUs — Spicy floral and citrus hops dominate this everyday drinker

— Mother Hoppin' DIPA — 10.1% ABV — 93 IBUs — Anti-sessionable in nature, it's rich in malty sweetness and heavily dry hopped with Amarillo hops

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The World Ends on February 22nd!

Fenrir Breaks Free

Last week we asked you to save February 22nd. Why? For …

The Viking End of the World

"It is harsh in the world,
whoredom rife
—an axe age, a sword age
—shields are riven—
a wind age, a wolf age—
before the world goes headlong.
No man will have
mercy on another."
The Poetic Edda

It’s no surprise that we at Joystick are looking forward to the end of the world. And since the Mayans got it wrong, we’re pinning our hopes on the Norse having a better understanding on how all this works.

So come join us on Saturday, February 22nd to prepare for the final battle that will consume the world!

– See glorious beards
– Meet Odin
– Drink!
– Converse with the Nordic ghost of Bea Arthur
– Free condoms*
– Meet the Old Slavic** Crone Baba Yaga who will be casting runes & telling your short future

* We'll keep giving them away until we run out of the enormous stash we have of them.
** Why Slavic? Turns out all the Nordic Crones are already booked. End of the world and all.



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Save the Date

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Tonight, January 7th, we are having a Surprise Pop-Up Donkey Kong Tournament.

Come in from 7pm to 8pm to sign up. You will have 5 minutes to get the highest score possible. The person with the highest score gets $25 in cold hard cash money.

It’s that simple.

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Celebrate Life Day and Help Homeless Infants!


In honor of the great Wookie holiday, Life Day, please join us here at Joystick for a celebration with the 501st Georgia Garrison benefiting Genesis Shelter.

In 1979 CBS introduced us to the Star Wars Holiday Special where we learned important things like:

- Wookies celebrate Life Day (
- Bea Arthur runs the Star Wars cantina with the ruthless efficiency of Amelia
- A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Harvey Korman was the first cross dresser
- Carrie Fischer can't sing
- Boba Fett is amazing even in cartoon form (maybe more so)

We realize this is all a lot to take in. Blame the 70s.

Enter the Georgia 501st, a hardcore group of Star Wars fans who help different charities around the state while impressing everyone with their amazing commitment to costuming.

Together we want to help Genesis Shelter, a local organization that takes in newborns and their families. This holiday season they are especially in need of gift cards to CVS, Kroger and Publix, bath towels, blankets, and comforters. And they are always in need of cleaning supplies (think Clorox Wipes). We will also be accepting cash donations.

So on Fri Dec 20th:

- Mingle, dance, take photos, and make out with Stormtroopers
- Watch the original Holiday Special from 1979
- Spin the PRIZE WHEEL (with donation) for prizes you can't live without
- Come in a Star Wars costume and get 20% off your drink bill
- Drink Orga Root Beer*

*We don't fully know what Orga Root is so you're just going to get our homemade ginger beer (goes great with booze).

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Big Thanks to Atlanta Arcade Collectors

We have met all sorts of amazing folk in the Atlanta gaming community. Many of which we have gone on to work with. Atlanta Arcade Collectors has consistently been great. If you are ever looking for an amazing arcade cabinet be sure to check them out here:

or here

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Charity Drive – Thurs. December 5th

Thursday, December 5th Peachtree NORML will be hosting a donation drive here at Joystick for the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Please come from 7p-10p to donate an unwrapped goodie and have a drink with the guys and gals of NORML.


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