Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Our ongoing events for every month:

1st Monday: All the Nerdy Ladies @ 8pm
2nd Monday: BuildGuild @ 6pm
2nd Monday: Film Bar Monday @ 7pm
3rd Monday: Drunk Chess @ 9pm

Every Tuesday: Parlor Games @ 8pm
4th Tuesday: Nerdlesque / Cosplayground @ 9pm

1st and 3rd Wednesday: 8bit comedy @ 8pm
2nd Wednesday: Magic the Gathering @ 8pm

1st Thursday: Hearthstone @ 7pm
3rd Thursday: Project Cosplay @ 9pm
4th Thursday: Film Clash @ 8pm ( October and December 2016)
Every Thursday: Rock Band Karaoke @ 10:30pm

Every Friday: DJ dance party @ 10pm

Every Saturday: Rock Band Karaoke @ 10:30pm

1st Sunday: Rocket Leage Tournament @ 2pm
2nd and 4th Sunday: Nerdlanta Talkshow & Podcast @ 6:30pm
3rd Sunday: Tabletop Roleplaying & Board Games @ noon (starts in October)

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more up to date information on upcoming events. We're MUCH better about updating information there.


Posted on Sep 2 2016 - 1:27pm