Have a Party!

We think every day is a party at Joystick! However, party is a subjective concept so maybe you want to throw one of your own.

If you are considering having a non-private event or are just going to bring in a big group of people, all we ask is that you email us a heads up (which can never happen too early). Although we do not reserve space, if we know when and how many people to expect then we can staff appropriately. That means everyone wins! The best contact email is player1@joystickgamebar.com.

We do also host private events at Joystick, both outside of and during regular business hours. We've been told that this is the best and most unique spot in Atlanta to have a party. And since our mothers have yet to lie to us, we believe them. If this is a theory that you want to test, please send us an email to the above address with what you are looking to do, about how many people you are expecting, and when you are looking to do it. We will respond with numerous details and hopefully be able to work with you for a fantastic event.

Here are a few examples of private events we have hosted:

  • Birthday parties (for ALL ages)
  • Baby showers
  • Cocktail competitions
  • Casual meetups of like-minded folks
  • Corporate happy hours / Company parties
  • Singles mixers
  • Ritualistic sacrifices to appease the Pagan gods