Game Over, Man. Game Over!


The Mayans say the world will end on December 21st. We say good riddance.

Spend your last night on Earth partying like there's no tomorrow! Join our End of the World Party @ Joystick Gamebar December 20th at 9pm.

  • Free champagne toast at midnight (if you live long enough to drink it)
  • DJ Alex Mizell drowning out the sounds of Armageddon outside
  • Fresh from LA, Chef Alex Howren will be cooking up her amazing authentic tamales.
  • Specialty apocalypse cocktails
    • ​Heaven's Gate Kool-Aid (delightful guava punch)
    • Chococotl (Quezacotl's signature drink with a spicy, chocolaty kick)
    • Virgin Sacrifice (Tecate and a shot of El Pobre for $5)
  • Spin the Mayan Wheel of Prizes and Death 
    • ​Prizes include: Zero Dark Thirty swag and tickets, SweetWater brewery tour passes, restaurant gift certificates
    • Deaths include: beheading, impalment, marriage to Tom Cruise
  • Drawing for the newest Medal of Honor game on PS3




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