Joystick Gamebar is the only spot in Atlanta dedicated to classic arcade games, good drinks, and killer snack food. The owners, Johnny Martinez and Brandon Ley, want to offer a place where you can enjoy what they view as the finer things in life: friends, fun, food, and booze. You are invited to come down to fight for a high score or just sip a cocktail and relax.

Located in a LEED-Platinum certified building on the Edgewood Corridor in downtown Atlanta, Joystick is excited to be a part of a neighborhood that is at once historic and bourgeoning. That attitude of looking forward while respecting the past is at the heart of Joystick's concept.


Joystick Gamebar would simply not be possible without the support of people so awesome that we'd like to call them out by name:

Margi, Robert, Darren, & Courtney Ley Nani & Juan Martinez & Maria Huerva Stephen Keown
Debi & Steve Gegner Elijah Black Jennifer Morrison
Barbara & Mike Gruenberg Patti Willard Scott Ritchie
Chris Stark Brandon Reyes Mark Strudwick
Joshua Lane Angela Rogers Steven Tennyson
Reina Sandouk Rob Teilhet Duane Wandless
Shane Zucker Jennifer Cook Kat Bacon
Yvonne McDowell Kristina De Jesus William Njie
Lisa Walden Cox Richard Merrill Michael Merrill
Rodney Atkinson Eric Scott Sembrat Ivan Caceres
Allison OperatorOverload Laura Jones
Rachel Krinick Elizabeth Jahn Steph
Zack Walters Michael Griffin sushimustwrite
John Donovan Christina Sacco Evan Ellington
Greg Morrison Leif Terry David Dearing
Elizabeth Wang Jennifer Reeves Austin L. Ray
Chris Giddens Paul Huckabee Andrew Sayman
Ben Birley Kenneth Wieschhoff Dorie Nolt
James A. McGugin Spyderx David P. Cox
Patrick Rossetti Paul Dennis Waltman Cameron Kilgore
Alison Hill Nikolaos Dimotakis Judson Cowan
Doc. Quincy E. Quartermain Dannica Smith John Hartung
Ann Witzany Daniel Grimaldi Matt
Michael Morphet Matthew Parcell Michelle Ewing
Gareth O'Bryan Kelly Skelton Kristi Chastain
Chris Lynch Jacob Randy Wilson
Jen Gross Erin Parker Carlos Quinones
Daniel Whatley Deb Jewett Soderland Rick Weetman
Ian Schorr Chad Harris Ben Lynch
Brandy Coons Brad Gross Change Before Going Productions

























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